2024 Premarital Retreats

gold and diamond ring on case beside crawling plant
gold and diamond ring on case beside crawling plant

Don't just plan your wedding...

Plan your marriage too!

As D2T continues to mature, the opportunity is recognized to work with couples before marriage, to provide tools to approach common trouble spots we observe on the marriage retreat weekends.
Premarital retreats have been designed as a weekend with time for teaching, reflection, application and fun! These retreats are currently held three times a year; typically spring, summer and fall and can accommodate three engaged couples and two facilitating couples. The women are pampered with their own private rooms located in the lower-level suite of the cabin, while the men are in the bunk-house or dare to sleep in a hammock on the property.
While the curriculum is modeled after the marriage retreats with an emphasis on expectations on specific topics; the premarital material focuses on preventative actions and skills that can be learned and applied prior to marriage.
These weekends are also designed with Pastors in mind, allowing them to use D2T Premarital to compliment or supplement hours of premarital counseling.


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Premarital Retreats hosted per year

Buchanan, MI
Hickory Corners, MI
Lake City, MI
St. Johns, MI