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"Of all the marriage retreats we've been to, Designed 2 Thrive was the best. A relaxing atmosphere, the food is just amazing, and a very encouraging weekend away. It's always nice to know you're not alone in your struggles of life. We learned easy and new ways to make our marriage more enjoyable."

- Mike & Jodi

"What an amazing weekend! So much fun, encouragement, support, good info and quality time together. After years of being married you get into habits, not all of them good. The retreat was a great 'reset' tool. Scott and I have been floundering a bit since the kids moved out. We weren't really sure who we were as a couple. It has never been just the two of us! I feel so encouraged and hopeful now. The food, fellowship, facility and grounds were awesome too."

- Tammy & Scott

"After attending a marriage retreat we felt a renewed sense of togetherness in our relationship. We were given tools to learn how to communicate more effectively as well as to examine strengths and weaknesses within our marriage. Along with all of this, we enjoyed plenty of time relaxing and laughing together. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to invest in our marriage."

- Ryan & Tiffany

"Our experience with the marriage retreat was a complete Godsend. Our friends set the weekend up for us. When we got to The Lodge we kind of felt out of place; it was a beautiful home set on amazing property, but we didn't know anyone or what to expect. We were greeted by such great smiles and welcoming people. We learned so much in such a short time. The breakdown of learning, visiting with others, and time alone together was perfect. Our sharing time with other couples helped us learn new things, and time spent relaxing was needed for our souls. We would recommend this retreat to anyone from newlyweds all the way to those married 70 years! God has truly put a beautiful ministry together with Designed 2 Thrive."

- Pastor Jody and Sue

"My husband convinced me to attend this marriage retreat in 2008 and I reluctantly went. I went with a cold numb heart and no desire for change. I went so my husband could see all the ways he was wrong and fully expecting to be judged by others there for the condition of our marriage and the choices that I had made. To my surprise, I was greeted with warm hugs and open minds. Our facilitators accepted me right where I was and showed me that no matter how far I felt detached from my husband and marriage, that it could be better. I am so thankful for their sincerity and authenticity. This retreat revived not only my marriage, but me as well, equipping me with the tools to go to work on growing closer to God and becoming the wife I was intended to be!"

- Leslie